Listen, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had my heart broken. So, to all the others who have out there, this is for you!!

I called and I texted. I got us connected.
I'm so sorry I couldn't be there.. for you.
It wasn't my choice to be gone.. from you.
I know that I told you I'd be there.
I was a promise.. I still care!
I'm sorry for breaking the promises I wasn't around to keep.
I wanted to tell you, "I love you,"
But the connection was weak!

I'm Sorry! It didn't turn out the way that I wished.
I'm sorry! At least we had that perfect kiss.
I'm still in love with you.
I'd do anything for you!
And, BABY, I'm sorry...

I know that.. I broke a promise that meant something to you.
And if you were to say, I need you, I would have said it too..

{Repeat Chorus 2x}

Listen girl, you mean the world... to me!
And if I would have been there for you.. maybe you would see!
That.. I'm sorry..

{Repeat Chorus 2x}

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